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「Castiel 」
20 December 2011 @ 02:37 am
[Cue the video turning on, to show an honestly miserable looking Castiel.

He looked like he someone who had been slept deprived for a few days. He was paler too.

When he spoke, his voice was rougher, more congested; he was sick. Flat out, humanly sick.

[He turned his head to the side somewhere, as if to turn his attention to someone in the same room.] Dean. I think...I'm sick. The medicine isn't helping.

[Turning back to the feed, glassy eyed and slightly dazed.] Discedo. I would...recommend it if you avoided the abandoned structure just outside of this city. Also...[A pause, as he looked like he was about to sneeze.] Also. If there are power surges, or a beam of light above the building, it's...nothing that should cause panic. Just don't look into the light too much. [It was more of a precaution.]

Thank you, Cube, for the removal of the chip.[He lowers the device with another nod after the sincere thanks, turning it off.]

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「Castiel 」
11 December 2011 @ 08:25 pm
[The feed flickers on. Although the picture is clear, the feed itself was shaky, unsteady, probably because. Castiel appeared to be slightly frazzled, surprisingly with dark circles under his eyes, breath strained. Subtle, but still noticeable.]

...Something is very wrong. [A pause, looking down with a light wince.]

I...Something feels off. I can't really explain it. [A pause. There's something darker about his gaze, and as he raises his head, a black vein pulses in his neck. But it might be just the shadows.] It's a change. For the worse.

[A beat.] Does anyone have any information on those pills?

[ooc;; So Cas is going to be slowly turning into his Leviathan!self. (season 7 of SPN). But he'll take the pill eventually, so he won't actually go full out. There might be black veins popping up sometime, and he might be unnaturally grinny for a few short moments.]
「Castiel 」
[The video flickers on, this time without much static, as Cas was finally beginning to figure this thing out.

He pushed out a short sigh, and a barely noticed frown.

I require assistance. Someone who can provide me with more information on these...chips.

[[A beat.] And one experienced with a scalpel. Preferably a doctor...

[A nod, as if to confirm that he approves of what he himself said, he shuts the video off.]
Current Location: Discedo
「Castiel 」
[The feed flickers on. At first, there’s just static, white and black lines against the screen, even something akin to faint ringing. Then the picture finally focuses, showing a man, donning a tan overcoat one size too big, and giving the device one perplexed stare.

A head tilt.
] …I…I don’t understand. [There is a slight beep in the background, and he gives his communicator a confused, questioning look.]

[A blink.] Dean? Can you hear me?...Sam?

I…don’t recognize this place. [A beat, as he lifts his head up, giving the area a brief glance around. A crease in his forehead.]…And my mojo is gone again...

[A slight bit angrier now.] Where am I?

…If anyone is seeing this, I would appreciate information on my location. [And without further words, he shuts the feed off, but for a few seconds after the video ends, there are still audible beeps and button presses, until finally, everything goes quiet.]
Current Location: Discedo
「Castiel 」
26 November 2011 @ 04:47 pm
OOC Information
Name: Lexi
LJ: lenavoit
Contact: AIM: lenavoit31/email: kaminari31@yahoo.com
Characters played at Discedo: N/A

IC Information
Name: Castiel
Canon: Supernatural
Timeline: Season 5; Swan Song; Right when Castiel is resurrected and brought back with all his powers back to full force. Before he and Dean are in the car.

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